SBB – 22 – We’re Back – Game Part

Volume 5 Issue 34 (52)

Episode 22 siteWelcome to Episode 22 recorded on November 15, 2014. It has been a while since the four of us have started deep into each other’s eyes at the same time. I hope that doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

Don’t forget to drink (responsibly) along with us via the SBB Video Podcast Drinking Game.

Intro 0:00 – 14:26
Discussions 14:26 – 26:23
Discussions Break One 26:23 – 48:58
Discussions Break Two 48:58 – 1:01:26
Discussions Break Three 1:01:26 – 1:50:05
Game-Time 1:50:05 – 2:39:59

Due to internet connectivity concerns out of our control, there are some portions of the video and audio that will freeze or otherwise be distorted. We apologize for the inconvenience, but appreciate your understanding.

Let’s talk video games! We recap Extra Life 2014. We receive a listener request so we talk about the gaming industry with Ubisoft being the most recent debacle. We give our individual gaming origin stories. And to wrap it up, what we have been playing lately.

  • Jerry – Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Assassin’s Creed IV Freedom Cry, Alan Wake
  • Ian – Alien Isolation, Call of Duty: Advance Warfare, Halo MCC, Destiny.
  • Scott – Simpsons Tapped Out and Family Guy Quest for Stuff, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham
  • John – Titanfall

Bottoms up and thanks for playin’!


  • Jerry – Editor, Webmaster, writer, player
  • Scott – Playstation Expert, player
  • Ian – Xbox Expert, player
  • John – Brew Expert, player



  • Obsidian Talon – Writer
  • Mizat – High Priest of Arcane Technological Arts


Audio & Video:


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