SBB – 26 – Game of the Year

Volume 5 Issue 40 (58)

26-siteWelcome to Episode 26, the second portion of the podcast recorded on December 13, 2014. Jerry tries to get John arrested. Ian geeks out on his early Christmas present from some friends (yes, he has friends). PS, online dating apparently sucks. Scott reminds us Christmas is around the corner and some difficulties with online ordering. Jerry has a boring life with work and school. We also talk about Game of the Year, Video Game Awards, Playstation experience, and what we have been playing. Don’t forget to drink (responsibly) along with us via the SBB Video Podcast Drinking Game. It’s not discussed within the podcast; however, this episode will be Jerry’s (@JD_Shep) last for the time being.

Intro 0:00 – 13:44
News and Discussions 13:44 – 1:27:20 (13:44 – 43:15)(43:15 – 1:03:21)(1:03:21 – 1:27:20)
Game Time 1:27:20 – 1:38:05
Special Outro 1:38:05 – 1:40:44

News and Discussions

Game of the Year (GOTY) from our listeners that chimed in on the Super Barley Bros Facebook Group and from the hosts.

Video Game Awards discussion

Playstation Experience

Game Time

  • Jerry – Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, Titanfall
  • Ian – Call of Duty Advance Warfare, Alien Isolation, Volgaar the Viking, Diablo 3, Bravley Default, Shadow of Mordor
  • Scott – Pure Pool, Smash Bros Wii U, Zelda Wind Waker HD
  • John – Assassins Creed IV Black Flag; Titanfall, Thief

Bottoms up and thanks for playin’!



  • Jerry – Editor, Webmaster, writer, player
  • Scott – Playstation Expert, player
  • Ian – Xbox Expert, player
  • John – Brew Expert, player



  • Obsidian Talon – Writer
  • Mizat – High Priest of Arcane Technological Arts


Audio & Video:


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